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Hunan Afen Vending Machine Co., Ltd.(AFEN Vending) is a high-technology company, which is specialized in developing , production and marketing of related products in the field of self-service technology. As a leading vending machine system solutions provider in China, with its advanced technical ability and huge manufacturing capacity, is the excellent supplier and partner in self-service market.

Afen is located in Changsha, Hunan Province, Chinahas own automatic spraying line- environment friendship, assembly line, sheet production line and the injection molding production line and mold shop.

Afen has the industry’s leading independent core technology and sustainable R & D capacities, according to different demands and customers to design and provide the professional self-service retail solutions, be widely used in schools, highways, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, hospitals, can sell food, books, toys, drugs and family planning supplier, and support coins, notes, Alipay, IC card, QR code payment, for intelligent payment system, easily implement Nayax, ingenico card reader docking, QR code, O2O and other online and offline payment methods, remote service management system. Achieve a multi-machine networking mode, remote multimedia publishing, online data query, statistics and analysis, anytime, anywhere to grasp the sales information and operating status of each vending machine, and provide more powerful online trading functions according to customer needs.

Afen Vending machine have been used in 50 countries and areas. Afen determined to become the outstanding and professional vending machine companies and self-service retail industry leader.