AFEN mobile payment cashless Drink vending machine

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  • Brand:    Afen
  • Type:    AF-36(QC)
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New type slope aisle design
1,Fault to reduce, can sell irregular bottled goods, glass bottles .
2,The goods in aisle be clear at a glance.(Easy inventory management)
3,Take goods easily from aisles . 
4,Merge and split aisle easily . 


1,Accommodate diverse species , glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles and beverage all available for sale.
2,Multiple aisle can put the same goods , changed automatically according to the sales situation . Flexible merge changes according to the season and flexible sales . Aisle180ML-600ML all can sale.
3,Hot and cold drinks can be independently adjusted , with continuous sale, alternately selling features to ensure the sale of the beverage temperature.
4,Optional internet remote data acquisition system , infrared data acquisition, USB stand-alone data acquisition management.
5,Cash payments, matching the bank card payment (all kinds of IC cards, credit cards), mobile payment, two-dimensional code, acoustic payment, Paypal payment can be compatible with the corresponding face.
6,Optional support for multimedia advertising system access, touch screen panel, LCD, LED playback system can carry.

Technical specifications

Product model: TCN-D720-MIT
Rated voltage: AC220V/50HZ
Recognition currency: Coin one yuan / 5 horn, notes 1~ 20 yuan
Change the currency: Coin one yuan/ 5 horn
Refrigeration temperature: 1℃~25℃
Heating temperature: 35℃~60℃
Net weight: 500KG (commodity unfilled)
Out size:1185*1940*780mm
Warehouse stock structure: 30 Cargo Road Office equipment, 20 Cargo Road bottled
Merchandise reserves: The maximum capacity: 500pcs
Additional features: IC card correspondence, GPRS remote data acquisition, LED lighting , the LCD screen.

The above for laboratory reference data.

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